Agencies Need to Ask the Tough Questions When Looking into Programmatic TV Platforms

Posted by Brittany Coriaty on May 18, 2016 9:00:04 AM

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Advanced Data.




This year, the television advertising industry buzzwords revolve around the concept of efficiency.  This is because agencies are getting more demand from their advertisers to get television analytics that are just as insightful as digital.

As a result, emerging Programmatic TV companies throw these words into their marketing mix to impress agencies and inherit their client’s ad dollars.  Agencies need to arm themselves with the right questions to ask when being faced with the sea of technology providers.


Question: I need to see the when and where of my ad buys, what can you offer me to see behind the curtain?

When agencies and advertisers demand more transparency from their media buys, they could be talking about a myriad of things.  They could mean that they want to know exactly where their ads are being shown, exactly who is seeing them, exactly how long they’re seeing them, exactly when they’re seeing them, and how frequently they’re seeing them.  It’s safe to say that ad tech should be able to speak to all of these queries when showcasing that their technology offers full transparency.


Question: Can you 100% guarantee that I am getting exactly what this RFP is showing me and how do I know this is where my audience has their eyeballs?

Agencies need to be assured that they’re getting exactly what they’re promised from their media buys.  This needs to be guaranteed by the ad tech company, so the agency doesn’t have any surprises for their clients.  They also need to be able to reach their exact audience, so solution providers need to ensure that they’re using relevant and up-to-date data sets.

Advanced Data

Question: How can your platform integrate my data so I can get more targeted impressions?

Advanced Data is only as good as the ability to execute on it and vice versa, so agencies want to make sure that the “vehicle” they are using when integrating their data can be as accommodating as possible, and hopefully, easy to use


Question: How many buyers do you employ? (The answer should be “0.”)

Many platforms out there market themselves as fully automated, but still consist of a backroom of buyers making phone calls and sending emails to ensure clearance on TV inventory.


Question: When can I get this campaign on air and how soon after it gets on air can I start seeing reporting?

Building a plan, getting the creative on air, optimizing the campaign and getting campaign results should be as fast as possible.  This goes hand in hand with full automation and programmatic in general. If better speeds aren’t an option, it’s likely not an innovative platform.


Question: How flexible is the platform when I need to make adjustments to my campaign while in-flight?

It used to be that advertisers couldn’t touch their ads until after the campaign ended, but now, with Programmatic TV, advertisers are able to optimize their campaigns during their campaign flight.  If a certain network or daypart isn’t showing the impression results they were hoping for, it can easily be adjusted and re-allocated.

The answers to these questions is what separates the adults from the kids.  If you’d like to know AudienceXpress’ answers to these questions, feel free to reach out at

Author: Brittany Coriaty, Marketing Associate

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