How Targeted is Too Targeted on Television?

Posted by Brittany Coriaty on Sep 22, 2016 7:00:31 AM

Targeted Television

So you’re about to air a commercial on national television? Congratulations! You know all about the powerful punch television packs when reaching a large audience and you’re excited to get your client the eyeballs they deserve.

You also might have noticed that targeting capabilities are a hot topic in the industry right now, especially on television. You know who your target audience is, so why shouldn’t you be able to find them on television, just like you can with digital?  Now, with Programmatic TV solutions, an ad can go to the audience it’s meant for without the waste.  We’re talking major improvements in efficiency!

Hold on a second, though. There's a significant point to be made when working with Programmatic TV: How efficient is too efficient?

It’s great that you know that your target consumer is a 24-year old female who collects rag dolls and listens to 90's punk rock, but that might be too granular of a demo to focus on when targeting on TV.

Remember: You’re on N-A-T-I-O-N-A-L television! You have the reach behemoth behind you. Even though there’s enough data sets for television to fill the New York Public Library, it doesn’t mean you should pick every single one that’s relevant to your target consumer.

Television makes a great impact. Viewers watch TV longer than any other medium, by a longshot.  It invokes emotional connections and helps create successful brands that digital can only dream of doing. You may be doing your campaign a disservice by getting too granular with your targeting because you’re not allowing the potential for growth.

With the advanced targeting capabilities that television has, you can find your audience easier than ever before. Programmatic TV allows you to take the targeting capabilities of digital and apply them to the reach master: television.  However, we shouldn’t try and make TV too much like digital because then TV loses its key differentiator: reach.  TV will no longer be its own medium, but an extension of digital and digital comes with its own set of problems that TV doesn’t need to worry about.

Heck, Proctor & Gamble announced that they’re even getting less targeted on digital.

It’s important to use advanced data to inform media buying decisions, especially with television, especially now that Programmatic TV is a popular approach to buying TV inventory, but let’s not do television a disservice by undermining its influence.  Television is a one-to-many medium while digital was developed to be a one-to-one medium.  Both are impactful in their own ways and both offer different capabilities to advertisers. There’s no better option because they both work better together.

So when you’re looking to target your rag doll collecting, 90’s punk rock listening 20-something on television, how about you broaden that scope to females, 18-34 interested in rock music. You’ll be surprised at the growth you might achieve.

Don’t get too in the weeds or you’ll miss out on what TV is all about!

Author: Brittany Coriaty, Marketing Associate

Topics: Blog Posts, commercial, Industry Buzz, Programmatic, programmatic television, Programmatic TV, reach, targeted advertising, targeted television advertising, targeted tv advertising

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