The Ease of Adding Programmatic TV to your Daily Workflow is here

Posted by Brittany Coriaty on Oct 27, 2016 1:08:17 PM
Guest Blogger: Peter Raymond, Director of Client Services at AudienceXpress

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[Monday 10:15am] Alert: New E-Mail!

On a tired Monday morning, your client has contacted you looking to increase spend the week before the month comes to a close. You consider your options as you wonder how you could possibly get this cleared by week’s end. You send out a few speculative RFPs and continue to search through your contacts.

[Monday 10:30am] Alert: New E-Mail!

It’s AudienceXpress. “…please see attachment…”. CPM? Check, Networks? Check, Dayparts? Check. Worried that if you sit too long the inventory will be gone, you apply your e-signature and reply, “Spot is on the way.”

With the introduction of programmatic platforms, the buying and selling of television advertising has gone from phone calls and fax machines to e-mails and algorithms. It’s taking what used to last days, sometimes weeks, and condensing it down to minutes. When a media buyer sends over specifications, a few clicks and key strokes is all it takes to build a proposal geared toward reaching their precise audience. By referencing audience data and sourcing inventory across several multi-channel video programming distributors, automated proposal generation creates a targeted, mathematically-driven and nationally distributed campaign in a matter of seconds.

[Wednesday 7:00am] Alarm sounds.

Starting your morning routine, you flip on the news and see your clients spot airing. You watch the full thirty seconds and wonder how many impressions your campaign is gaining at that exact moment. You think, ‘I’ll  log in tomorrow and check’..

Speaking of immediacy, advancements in TV advertising technology allow for media buyers to get a campaign up and running in just two business days. Once on air, next-day reporting keeps buyers informed while providing their programmatic partners with the necessary data to monitor campaign pacing and optimize to meet impression goals.

From the processing of ad copy and traffic, to supplying data-driven, ROI focused proposals, the programmatic TV movement has created a one-stop-shop for buyers looking to reach a specific national audience across a comprehensive offering of networks.

Your day just got a whole lot easier with adding programmatic TV to your planning. Your client is happy because they are getting metrics from their television campaign that they’re not used to getting with such precision and immediacy, and your boss is happy because you were able to do all of this within the realm of the targeted budget.

Get a good night’s sleep because it’s the end of the month and you might have other last-minute client spend requests to confront in the morning. Good thing you know a reliable programmatic partner for just the occasion.

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