5 Key Transparency Questions to Ask your Programmatic TV Partner

Posted by Brittany Coriaty on Nov 30, 2016 1:15:13 PM
Guest Blogger: Jeff Muir, VP of Sales at AudienceXpress


Programmatic TV can be a complicated sea to traverse especially when an agency hasn’t charted their course before. While many marketers and agencies have activated within Programmatic TV, there are still those out there that are investigating the space.  These “detective” agencies need to be equipped with an arsenal of questions to keep programmatic partners honest and transparent.

Typically, at the end of informational meetings with our sales team, a person within the prospective agency will ask, “If you were us, what questions would you ask a programmatic TV company?” Listed below are key questions that agencies should ask, whether they love who they work with already or are shopping for someone new.

  1. How do you access TV inventory? A truly programmatic partner should have a direct, automated connection to television inventory in order to provide daily campaign optimization
  2. How do you provide in-flight and post-campaign reporting? Reporting should be automatically updated daily so clients can see how campaigns are pacing by network and day part. Reporting should include reporting by DMA to confirm campaigns are nationally distributed.
  3. How do you apply advanced data to building and executing a campaign? The application of advanced data should be clear and easy to understand – identification of data set(s) used, how the campaign index is calculated and how the post-campaign results are defined.
  4. How many buyers do you have? This is a trick question. The answer should always be “zero.” Otherwise, what’s the point of automation?
  5. Do you have any inventory or data bias? Programmatic platforms should have an agnostic approach to TV inventory supply and advanced audience data. The platform partner and agency need to sit on the same side of the table to best serve the needs of marketers.

It’s no surprise that we believe transparency plays a large role in these discussions. In order for programmatic TV to continue to grow, transparency cannot be the issue that prohibits the ability to scale.

Programmatic TV has some of the same challenges that digital faced in the early stages. The history of digital provides a nice road map of issues that need to be continually addressed during programmatic TV’s development. Only when the basic questions are clear and acted upon will we see the adoption of automated platforms within all inventory of television become mainstream.

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