5 Key Transparency Questions to Ask your Programmatic TV Partner

The Ease of Adding Programmatic TV to your Daily Workflow is here

How Targeted is Too Targeted on Television?

Debunking the Rumor that Transparency is lacking in Programmatic TV

Overcoming the Bias of Traditional Television Selling

Agencies Need to Ask the Tough Questions When Looking into Programmatic TV Platforms

So Long, Thirty Second Spots…Literally

Introducing a Standard for Linear TV Audience Buying with Cross-Device Measurement

4 Reasons Why Programmatic TV is Shifting to High Gear

And the Programmatic Agency of the Year is…

A Simple Matrix to Compare Traditional & Programmatic Ad Buying

Let's Stop the Madness of Commercial Stuffing

The Go-To Programmatic TV Glossary

Consumers are Deflecting Ads like Jedi’s and here’s What We Should Do about It

There Was Quite the Disruption at the ANA Masters of Marketing 2015

When Programmatic Comes A-Knockin'

Beet.TV: "Ad Buyers Can Target Cox Viewers In 2015 With AudienceXpress"

Other Reasons To Sell Local Audiences

Cox Media, MAGNA GLOBAL and AudienceXpress to Launch First Private Programmatic TV Marketplace

WSJ CMO Today: "IPG’s Magna Global Partners With Cox Media, AudienceXpress for Programmatic TV Marketplace"

Audience Buying Insider: "Programmatic Measurement: Confirming The Outsize Value Of TV" By Walt Horstman

Local TV Measurement: A Blueprint

Local TV Measurement: A Primer

Videonomics New York Roundtable

Multichannel News: How Big Will Programmatic TV Get? #NYCTVWK"

2015 Broadcast Calendar Available Now!


MediaPost: Programmatic's Tricks and Treats

Summer in the City

AudienceXpress Names TubeMogul Its First Buy-Side Partner for Programmatic Buying of TV Ads

How Agencies Benefit From Programmatic TV Buying

Audience-Targeted TV in Real-Time? Programmatic is Almost There.

TV Audience Buying and The Branding Balancing Act

The Three Rules of Programmatic TV Buying: Inventory, Inventory, Inventory.

Programmatic TV Buying is Real. And it's Here.

Programmatic TV Buying Brings Dollars Back to TV

To Go Programmatic, TV Buying Must Change its Ways

The Race for Advertising Dollars: TV and Digital Video

Measuring the World Cup TV Audience

Consumer Packaged Goods Meets Programmatic TV

AudienceXpress Hits The Road

TV Audience Buying Everywhere—Even Online

Nielsen to Expand TV Viewership Sample Size

Integrating Programmatic for the Sell Side

Avoiding the Programmatic Ad Buying Identity Crisis

Who is Programmatic TV Buying?

Programmatic Ad Buying is Growing Up

Programmatic Buying to Reach 20 Percent of US Advertisers

TV Audience Buying Will Not Kill The Upfront

TV Audience Buying: Getting the Content You Didn't Know You Needed

Closing the Data Gap on TV

Join AudienceXpress at the DRMA Response Expo!

TV Audience Data Makes its Upfront Debut

Measuring Change in Programmatic TV

NBC May Start Selling TV Programmatically

Opening Up Shop: Programmatic and the Changing TV Landscape

Transitioning to Programmatic TV Buying

Where are Women on TV? Not Where You Might Think.

Secrets of TV Audience Buying

What Publishers Should Know About TV Audience Buying

Don't Fear the Machine

AudienceXpress and Neustar Announce Data Partnership

AudienceXpress Announces Comprehensive Advanced Audience Data Agreement with Nielsen

AudienceXpress Brings Advanced Data to TV Audience Targeting

AudienceXpress at the Videonomics Summit

What's Influencing the Growth of Programmatic?

A Programmatic Education

Seth Haberman Featured on AdExchanger

Succeeding as a Brand in Programmatic TV Buying

Blurred Lines: What it Means to be a DMP, DSP, or SSP

TV News Check Article on Automated TV Buying

Programmatic Flies High

TV Data for Improved Audience Buying: Nielsen Launches Local Buyer Reach

Programmatic Buying: From Big Data to Smart Data

AudienceXpress at the ANA Brand Masters Conference

Walt Horstman Discusses Programmatic TV Buying at the TVOT Show

The Super Bowl Goes Programmatic

Thinking New: IPG's Matt Seiler

Why TV Ad Spend Will Grow More Than Digital

Simulmedia's Dave Morgan Discusses Programmatic TV and Audience Buying with Beet.TV

Branding Goes Programmatic in 2014

In a Programmatic World, Real-Time isn't Fast Enough

TV Audience Targeting Comes of Age

2013's Biggest News in Programmatic

How Media Agencies Can Stay Relevant in a Programmatic Age

'Programmatic' Doesn't Mean What it Used To.

Where are Millennials on TV?

The Weather Channel Embraces Programmatic TV Buying

Join AudienceXpress at the TV of Tomorrow Show

How Data is Redefining Political TV Ads

Is Programmatic TV Buying the Future or the Now?

Programmatic TV Buying is Coming

Convergent Audience Buys Projected to Supplant Conventional TV Buys

Study Shows Most Advertisers & Publishers Employ Programmatic Ad Tech

Are You Using First-Party Data?

Media Planning Requires More Than Just Tools

Small Agencies Can Score Big With Programmatic

Programmatic vs. RTB: The Real Story

AudienceXpress at the ERA D2C Convention

Interpublic Strikes Deals Automating Buys With 5 Media Giants: Covers TV, Radio, Outdoor, Display, Video, Mobile

Wayne Friedman Sees Potential in Programmatic TV

AudienceXpress Parent Company, Visible World, Mentioned by the Wall Street Journal

Interpublic Names Adap.tv Preferred Video Provider, Will Adapt Into Television Soon

People are Talking About Us

AudienceXpress Summer Launch Event

Timing is Everything

Defining "Programmatic"

General Manager Walt Horstman on Beet.TV

Making Big Data Work for TV

Can a Digital Model Benefit TV Buyers?

TV in an Omnichannel World

Traditional Media Shifting Towards Programmatic Buying

The Demographics of the Future

What Does "Non-Premium" Mean, Anyway?

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