TV Data for Improved Audience Buying: Nielsen Launches Local Buyer Reach

Posted by Melanie on Feb 10, 2014 1:25:49 PM

Nielsen today announced the launch of Local Buyer Reach, a new data-set for local TV, that will connect TV viewership data with both online and offline consumer transactions. This will allow TV stations to better understand the characteristics of their audience, and demonstrate that to advertisers.

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Programmatic Buying: From Big Data to Smart Data

Posted by Melanie on Feb 5, 2014 9:15:15 AM

A post in MediaWeek the other day extolled the benefits of programmatic media buying, but made sure to emphasize the importance of growing smarter, and not just larger when it comes to Big Data. Author Dominic Joseph, of online search retargeting firm Captify, argues that focusing on the more granular data—the kind that creates audiences rather than demographics—will ultimately lead to a more successful and more "mature" programmatic ad buy.

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Walt Horstman Discusses Programmatic TV Buying at the TVOT Show

Posted by Melanie on Jan 28, 2014 11:30:45 AM

AudienceXpress General Manager, Walt Horstman, appeared on a panel at December's TV of Tomorrow (TVOT) show: "TV Advertising 2.0 is Here: Is the Industry Ready?" Walt discussed programmatic TV buying, Big Data, and TV audience buying on a panel with IPG/Magna's Matt Bayer, Adap.TV's Christophe Gillet, CIMM's Jane Clarke, Canoe's Chris Pizzurro, and Disney/ABC's Rick Mandler.

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Are You Using First-Party Data?

Posted by Melanie on Oct 31, 2013 10:00:15 AM

For marketers, it’s all about data. Big Data, Data Management Platforms, Third-Party Data; it’s all anyone is talking about. The key to effective advertising is using data effectively, and when most people think of data, they think of third-party data. But it’s important not to overlook the emergence of first-party data in the marketing scene.

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Making Big Data Work for TV

Posted by Melanie on May 17, 2013 10:00:58 AM

One of the sexiest terms in marketing over the last year has been “Big Data.” Marketers are told that crunching data is the solution to all of their woes, as the insights will help them fine tune their processes, precisely target their messages, and make every individual customer as happy as possible. Data that has never been accessible on this scale before—on consumer intentions, viewing patterns, and behavior—is suddenly available to be sifted and married together to drive some pretty revolutionary insights. Media is becoming a Big Data industry.

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